Online Services of Voluntary Carriers

Cost: $2,500; published 2022

Keeping up with customer expectations for online capabilities and services is essential for carriers to compete in the voluntary/worksite marketplace and requires flexibility, quality and reliability. Brokers, employers and employees must have confidence in their carrier’s ability to provide the information they need about the voluntary products they sell, offer and own.

The Online Services of Voluntary Carriers Spotlight™ Report provides detailed information on key carrier online practices including:

  • Online services and capabilities available to employers/plan administrators, brokers/producers and employees/policyholders
  • Recent changes and improvements to online services
  • Current obstacles and challenges for online services
  • Future plans and trends for online services and capabilities

With this information, carriers can compare their online services and practices with competitors and determine the changes or additions they need to remain up-to-date on key online services and trends.


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1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

C. Key Findings

D. Recommendations

2. Detailed Carrier Findings

1. Online Services for Employers/Plan Administrators

2. Employer/Plan Administrator Online Services by Case Size

3. Use of Online Employer/Plan Administrator Services

4. Employer/Plan Administrator Online Product Access

5. Employer/Plan Administrator Online Portal Changes and Improvements

6. Online Services for Brokers/Producers

7. Broker/Producer Online Services by Case Size

8. Use of Online Broker/Producer Services

9. Broker/Producer Online Product Access

10.Broker/Producer Online Portal Changes and Improvements

11. Online Services for Employees

12. Use of Online Employee/Policyholder Services

13. Employee/Policyholder Online Product Access

14. Employee/Policyholder Online Portal Changes and Improvements

15. Mobile/Web Self-Service Employee Application

A. Current and Future Trends

1. Current Online Administrative and Service Trends

2. Future Online Administration and Service Trends


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