Enrollment Companies Evolve with the Voluntary Market

Cost: $2,000; published 2015

Worksite Specialists have been an important part of the voluntary market for many years. While enrolling is a key part of their business, these companies are also typically active in both the wholesale and retail broker side of the market. As such, Eastbridge tends to use the term “Worksite Specialists” instead of “Enrollment Companies” since they offer more than enrollment services (although both terms are used interchangeably throughout this report).

Enrollment Companies Evolve with the Voluntary Market is the third Eastbridge report on Worksite Specialist services; the first was published in 2008, followed by an update in 2011. The purpose of the report is to help carriers stay current on the type and range of services provided by these companies in 2015 in the midst of a continually changing market. Specifically, the report answers the following questions:

  • What types of business lines and products do Worksite Specialist companies enroll?
  • What enrollment methods do they use?
  • How do they handle communications?
  • Which voluntary carriers do they use?
  • What are their main sources for cases?
  • How do they get paid?
  • What other services do they offer?
  • Are private exchanges a serious threat to the enrollment business?
  • What is the future for these Worksite Specialist companies?

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1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Key Findings

C. Methodology

2. Findings

A. Brief Summary of Profiled Companies

1. Benefit Communications, Inc. (BCI)

2. Benefit Vision, Inc.

3. Complete Benefit Alliance

4. Enrollment Benefit Concepts, LLC

5. EOI Service Company

6. Hodges-Mace Benefits Group

7. National Enrollment Services

8. Univers Workplace Solutions

9. Worksite Communications

B. Company Overview

1. Sources of Cases

2. Type of Brokers

3. Broker Marketing

4. Employer Interaction

5. Business Lines Enrolled

6. Product Requirements

7. Case Size Requirements

C. Top Voluntary Carriers

D. Top Competitors

E. Results

1. Sales Volume for 2014

2. Average Number of Products Purchased

3. Average Annual Premium

F. Enrollment Method, Preferences and Results

1. Enrollment Method(s) Offered

2. Enrollment Systems/Capabilities

3. Preferred Enrollment Method

4. Most Frequently Used Enrollment Methods

5. Average Participation Rate by Enrollment Method

6. New Hires and Re-enrollment

G. Services Offered

1. Communication Services

2. Case Set-up Services

3. Other Services Offered

4. Ongoing Servicing After Enrollment

H. Benefits Administration Services

1. Benefits Administration Services Offered

2. Frequency of Benefits Administration Systems

I. Voluntary Products

1. Top Products Enrolled

2. Number of Products Typically Enrolled

J. Enrollment Staff

1. Number and Type of Enrollers

K. Compensation

1. Company Compensation

2. Enroller Compensation

L. Future Trends

1. Private Exchange Impacts

2. Industry Future and Changes

3. Individual Company Future and Changes



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