Marketing Practices of Voluntary Carriers

Cost: $3,000; published 2018

Marketing is a broad term and often means different things to different people and companies. At a high level, marketing should influence and shape the needs of all customers and develop products to meet those needs. Given the multitude of activities that need to take place to achieve such a broad spectrum yet ever-critical goal, many carriers include a variety of functions within marketing. These include advertising and brand awareness, sales support and development, market research, competitive analysis, customer and market segmentation, and communications and material development, just to name a few. The reality is, however, that many of these functions are often housed in different departments or areas rather than being centralized, which can be a challenge when trying to seamlessly meet the buying and service needs of all customer groups.

Specifically, the report looks at topics such as:

  • Marketing structure and organization
  • Marketing tools used by customer group
  • Marketing effectiveness measures
  • Image, brand and advertising
  • Segmentation initiatives
  • Social media marketing

The purpose of this report is to compare the marketing structure and practices of carriers currently active in voluntary/worksite to better understand the components of their strategy and how they integrate all the pieces to best meet consumer needs. With this information, carriers can evaluate their own marketing practices and structure against other carriers in the market.

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1. Executive Summary

A. Report Objectives

B. Methodology

C. Key Findings

D. Recommendations

2. Findings by Carrier

A. Marketing Structure and Organization

1. Responsibilities and Tasks

2. Type and Number of Marketing Roles

3. Marketing Outsourcing

4. Marketing Staff Organization

5. Definition of Customer

6. Percent of Marketing Resources Allocated by Customer

B. Marketing Tools

1. Marketing Tools by Customer—Company Overviews and Product Brochures

2. Marketing Tools by Customer—Flyers/One-Pagers and Direct Mailers/Posters/Payroll Stuffers

3. Marketing Tools by Customer—Enrollment Kits and Newsletters

4. Marketing Tools by Customer – PowerPoint Presentations

5. Media Mix for Marketing Collateral

6. Digital Marketing Tools by Customer – Email Campaigns, Internet Banners and Website/Portal

7. Digital Marketing Tools by Customer – Microsite, Videos and Support Tools

8. Digital Marketing Tools by Customer—Games, Social Media and Blog

9. Digital Marketing Tools by Customer – Podcasts, Thought Leadership/White Paper, Tradeshow Booth

10. Digital Marketing Tools by Customer – Internal Rep Marketing and Other Tools

11. Mobile or Tablet-Enabled Digital Content

12. Examples of Marketing Campaigns

13. Marketing Effectiveness Measures

14. Importance of Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

15. Satisfaction with Marketing Measures Capabilities

16. Successful and Unsuccessful Marketing Programs

C. Image, Brand and Advertising

1. Logos and Graphics

2. Advertising for Voluntary

3. Primary Advertising Audience

4. Co-op Advertising with Producers/Brokers

D. Marketing Programs

1. Types of Marketing Programs and Campaigns

2. Cross-Carrier Collaborative Marketing

E. Segmentation

1. Customer Segmentation Initiatives and Basis

2. Ethnic or Minority Marketing

3. Marketing Support in Spanish and Other Languages

F. Social Media Marketing

1. Social Networking Sites Used

2. Objectives of Online Communications via Social Media

3. Target Audiences for Social Media

4. Social Media Strategy by Audience and Site

5. Social Media Success Measurements

6. Effectiveness and Benefits of Social Media Efforts

7. Future Potential of Social Media

G. Marketing Practices

1. Customization of Marketing Tools

2. Frequency and Impact of Customization Requests

3. Producer/Broker Capability to Create Marketing Materials

H. Competitive Intelligence, Research and Marketing Budget

1. Goals of Competitive Intelligence Program

2. Broker/Producer Sales Tools and Programs Available

3. Market Research Function and Structure

4. Customer Satisfaction and Other Voluntary Research

I. Marketing Budget


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