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Accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity products are typically sold as employee-pay plans, according to an Eastbridge survey.

Avon, Connecticut (July 13, 2017)


The objective of the Tracking and Packaging Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity Plans Frontline™ Report is to explore if accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity plans are being sold as employer-funded products, and how these products are being packaged. With this data, companies can more accurately compare their own practices to others in the industry.

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Brokers and Voluntary Benefits—The Market Continues to Evolve


This report examines the current voluntary/worksite efforts of Voluntary Brokers and Benefit Brokers as well as their current views on ways carriers can support their voluntary business.

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Employers expanding voluntary offerings

Plot Points, February 2017


THE GROWTH of voluntary products over the past few years has been consistent. Year over year, the growth rate is in the 3 percent to 5 percent range. This growth has been fueled by more benefit brokers offering voluntary and by employers adding more voluntary products to their benefits.

Best of breed

Plot Points, January 2017


HOW MANY DIFFERENT insurance companies does your typical client use for their voluntary benefit offerings? Have you brought in one carrier to provide all voluntary products? Have you brought in several companies? And what does the number of carriers say about you?

Hospital indemnity: Do you know what’s new?

Plot Points, December 2016


NEARLY 50 PERCENT of carrier respondents in a 2016 Eastbridge survey indicated that hospital indemnity (HI) will be a growth product for their companies in the next one to two years, more than double the number from the same survey in 2014. Employers participating in a separate study ranked hospital indemnity second in terms of new sales product potential. This jump in expectations at both the carrier and employer levels suggest that many carriers may be preparing to bring more HI plans to market or at least focus on them more, and employers will be open to adding these products to their employee benefits offering.

Private exchange use low, but positive

Plot Points, November 2016


A RECENT EASIBRIDGE survey of employers found that the use of private exchanges continues to be minimal among all size categories and that a positive correlation remains between use and employer size (with use increasing as employer size increases). Many times, it is the broker who influences these employers to adopt the exchange model, and to offer more options to their employees or to move to a defined contribution approach.

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