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New Eastbridge report shows flexibility is vital in voluntary benefits billing practices

Avon, Connecticut (November 22, 2022)


Flexible options have become table stakes for voluntary carriers to successfully compete in the worksite benefits market, according to Eastbridge’s new Voluntary Billing Practices Spotlight™ Report. The report shows voluntary carriers across the board offer their employer customers ...

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Voluntary Billing Practices

Published 2022


This report provides information on key billing practices for 31 carriers active in the voluntary/worksite market. Some of the topics covered include employer billing and payment options, standard billing modes, single billing capabilities, self-billing practices and trends and employee direct billing services and processes.

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Choose products by value, not price

June 2022


“You get what you pay for.” It’s a Most important factors in choosing a carrier cliché because it’s true. Whether you’re choosing a restaurant, kicking the tires of a new car or trying on shoes, a lot more goes into your decision than price.

Beyond the integration buzz

April/May 2022


If “claim integration” was a social media topic, it would be trending right now. Integration is becoming increasingly common and is creating a lot of buzz in
claims practices these days. According to recent Eastbridge Consulting Group research, a majority of carriers offer some type of claim integration service between medical, traditional group and voluntary product lines.

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